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Convenitor.com is a global directory and search engine of places where we people can meet, including major convention and conference centers, exhibition and show halls, theaters, auditoriums and hotel meeting rooms.

Convenitor.com is owned and operated by VTM Travel International Inc. which does business as The Visits and Trips Travel Network (www.visitsandtrips.com), which is pioneering a unique new model for delivering travel information and travel services to independent and group travelers, travel agents, meeting planners and corporate travel departments.

Rather than creating one, complicated, all purpose portal, Visits and Trips is developing a suite of interrelated websites which offer specific types of travel information and travel services to its rapidly growing community of users.

B2C - Destination Travel Portals

VisitsandTrips.com is developing a global network of travel websites to the world's leading destinations in partnership with well-establshed in-bound travel companies located in each destination.

B2B - Travel Agents

Travel agents assisting clients traveling to Ireland will be able to book travel to Ireland or access our HelpDesk through our dedicated agency site, TravelforAgents.com.



TripNut.com is a global tour portal and search engine where travelers can find sightseeing tours in major cities, full day and half day excursions and multiday tours indexed under over 75 categories. TripNut.com offers active and adventure tours, cultural tours and food and wine tours all over the world.


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